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facebookThere are very few occasions when accidents yield good results. Most of them are called inventions and I call mine a discovery. This feature was probably available all along, but I just discovered it. Just = a week or so ago; it = the page am going to show off now.

Without a doubt, facebook is the most happening social networking platform online and offline. While we have dedicated sites for professional networking, dating, sharing and collaborating, I guess facebook is the one that has no boundaries. Well, I too use it for casual networking and catching up most of the times but dozens of businesses are getting on this platform every day, not to mention the scrutiny of profiles from potential recruiters.

Anyway, this post is not to appraise facebook, but to overcome the problem that stops me get there. I hesitate to login to the site frequently because of the clutter all around. Yes, part of the problem is those stupid quizzes and cookies, Mafia war and Farmville updates, and am sure the list does not end there.

Fullscreen capture 1162009 105836 AM

Here I have a new page introduced on my blog – facebook. Once you login, there are two things you can do: one, have a discussion about my blog (am flattered already!); two, the one you might find it very useful – The ‘decluttered’ facebook! Just check out the page once and see how neat the live feed is! This option gives you only the ‘real’ updates from your friends, filtering out the other junk. Too good to catch up quickly! Bookmark the page and have fun!

And yeah, why is it an accident? I wanted to form a community and therefore integrated this blog with facebook quite some time ago. In single sentence, you can login to this blog with your facebook credentials, have an identity, form a community and manage your profile as a registered user. Read the complete post here. But then, I had some problems and I had to pull it off. I normally use Firefox for development and damn javascript errors made it difficult for Internet Explorer users to view the blog. In the course of fixing those errors, (am glad I could do it!) I discovered this option – the decluttered facebook. So, I proudly present to you this page.

What all can you do from this page?

  • update your status
  • read your friends’ live feed
  • ‘like’ a status message
  • comment on it and
  • logout facebook right from this site!

That’s the 80% of my facebook activity. The other 20% I can probably catch up on a weekend on the regular facebook. Good deal!

While you can catch up directly with that page, this is what I would recommend. (Because with this one step, every time you are logged in to facebook, cookie identifies your login and takes you to your live feed page on this blog automatically!)

  1. Connect with facebook (the community space on the right hand side bar, just below the ads)
    Fullscreen capture 1162009 105426 AM
  2. Have fun!

Last but not the least, let me know what you think in comments!

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