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The proud owners of Figo are searching for information that will help them understand different features, comprehend certain signals, learn few new things and be aware of some aspects of the vehicle.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions I picked up from the search phrases on my blog, with answers. Please ask any questions you have in the comments and I’ll do my best to get an answer.

1. What is the red flashing light in dashboard?

Ford Figo is equipped with a security system named as PATS. When the car is locked, you will see a flashing red light in the dashboard. This indicates that the security system is running. It’s good.


2. What is PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) in Ford Figo?

PATS is a security feature present in Ford vehicles. In simpler terms, there is a chip in the car that talks to another chip in the key when the ignition is started. The chip will be present in both the keys provided with the car. Only if this link is established, the car will run. If there is an attempt to start the car with a different key (than either of the originally provided keys by Ford), it immobilizes certain functions like fuel pump, preventing the car from running.

Maruthi vehicles’ similar system is called iCAT.

3. What are the different dashboard warning lights in Ford Figo?


Given below is a list of warning indicators that come up when the key is inserted in ignition and turned to ON position. Use the photo above for location and shape of the indicator. All the lights should be OFF within a few seconds by default. If any indicator continues to be in ON position after that, we should act on it immediately.

  1. PATS
  2. Engine coolant temperature warning lamp
  3. Door open warning lamp
  4. MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
  5. Brake system warning lamp
  6. Ignition Warning Lamp
  7. Oil pressure warning lamp
  8. Illumination ON indicator
  9. Low fuel warning lamp
  10. Engine check warning lamp

In addition to these, there are a few more indicators that may show up based on the variant you own.

  1. ABS Warning lamp: Looks like 5 above but with letters ABS instead of the exclamation mark in the circle
  2. Airbag warning lamp: Looks like a person in the seat with an airbag in the front covering the chest and the face area
  3. Direction indicators: Left and right pointing arrows
  4. Glow plug indicator: Looks like a piece of spring with two loops
  5. Main beam indicator: Head lamp with straight lines indicating the light beam
  6. Fog lamp indicator: Head lamp with slant lines and a curvy line across
  7. Water in fuel warning lamp: Looks like 9 above with three water drops on the right

4. What are the security features in Ford Figo?

Read 7+ security features of Ford Figo.

5. Is there a burglar alarm in Ford Figo?


There is no mention of any burglar alarm for Figo by Ford; neither the user’s manual specification section nor the website has any mention of such a thing.

Figo IS protected by PATS technology though, which immobilizes the car in the attempt of theft. But this means, you will have to wake up in the morning and discover the attempt; no sound will wake you up in the middle of the night to catch the thief. Your car can’t be stolen but the burglar can’t be caught either.

7 Replies to “Ford Figo – FAQs”

  1. “engine check” warning light is switching on some times and stays. that time my car slows down and is moving very slowly. no other indications are on at that time. taken the car to ford show room but they are also unable to tell why and what to do. if I switch off the engine, wait for few mins and start, engine check light is off. what could be the reason for this? what to do? please advise.

  2. There is possibility if ur car is locked and u just open the dicky and forgot key there ….. when u closed the dicky u end up locking the car with keys inside.

      1. Hi Anchit,

        As far as I know, it’s not possible to turn off the red flashing light. Further, even if it’s possible, I would recommend against it.

        Red flashing light indicates that PATS is active, so the immobilizer can work when there is a theft attempt. It’s a good thing, needed for security and am sure the load/ life impact on battery is almost negligible.

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