Another brilliant idea to get your kids hooked this summer!

How does the idea of free audiobooks for kids sound? Storybooks in audio format!

As a parent, if you’re wondering how to engage your kids during this COVID-19 lockdown season, here are 37 ways we shared a little while ago!

Books is yet another idea to get your kids hooked this season!

Free storybooks – audio

Here is a set of 29 free audiobooks for kids to help you get started. All these are short stories (duration less than 10 mins) – interesting enough to generate interest and make it a habit, but short enough to complete one and explore others to feed their curiosity. These work best for children aged 3-7 yrs.

For older kids, you can sign-up for a free trial of audible and get a 30 day trial with one book free – enough to get you through the current troublesome times, hopefully.

Does anything like below look like a good start? Click on any title to create your free trial.

Got a Kindle?

If you have a kindle with you and would like to load books for your kids, you can take a look at the Top 100 free books in Amazon Bestsellers, to begin with.

If you have a favorite book or resource your child likes, please share it in the comments. My daughter is almost done with the audiobooks stories and will come for more anytime now! 🙂

Grab one for yourself!

While you’re there, you can grab a book for yourself too! I strongly recommend you give this one a shot: Leadershift The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace. Very refreshing and new ways of looking at leadership. I myself am on it as we speak!

Or, probably The Infinite Game: How Great Businesses Achieve Long-lasting Success. I just completed this one a few days ago and recommend to change the mindset with which we make plans and solve problems.

Happy reading and stay safe!

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