Goa Trip Day 3: Goa, baby!

Day 2: Mission accomplished

Oct 3rd, 2009 Saturday: I wonder who woke up first in the morning after such a tiring 36 hours journey; I promise it was definitely not me! Anyway, the heavy feeling in the eyes soon disappeared when I realized that the actual time to have fun would just begin. It was almost 48 hours since we had started, and 36 hours were spent in the car itself. A few hours sleep did give us new energy for the excitement that awaited us.

This is the actual time we were longing for. Goa, beaches, beer, no rules and more fun! We freshened up in a jiff and hit the Colva beach in two minutes. It wasn’t very ‘colorful’ early in the morning, but hey, we had all day to roam along the coast. We stepped into the sea waters, wrote names and messages in the sand, clicked few pictures, had a running competition and couple of them got the temporary tattoos on their arms too. We were slowly getting into the jolly mood.

We know playing in water needs a lot of energy and we had to charge ourselves a bit. So, had a quick bite and tea in the nearby food joint and got into water again. We played for a good hour or so, forming human pyramids and posing for mid air shots. Oh, we also clicked a couple of ‘Happy Days’ shots on the beach! No one cared what time it was but we couldn’t escape the fate that was chasing us since we started our journey- it started to rain and the lifeguards restricted everyone to just sand; no stepping into waters.

Goa fun Happy Days Style

Well, it could have been almost lunch time. Completely drenched in salt water, we walked in the rain to the nearest restaurant Kentucky (I guess it was spelled differently, not sure now) and had a beer with ‘fish dynamite’ and chicken. We discussed our schedule for the day over the beer. Given the weather catastrophe, we decided to start to Hyderabad early in the morning on Sunday, the 4th so that everyone can catch up with offices on Monday (hopefully!) That left us with just the remaining day to make the most out of Goa. We decided to hire bikes and cover two more beaches by the evening. We completed our snack, hired bikes and started off to Panjim. The two beaches on the Agenda were Calangute and Baga.

Our bikes- one Bajaj pulsar, two Honda Activas and another Honda Dio. We drove to Panjim in rain. It was great as long as it kept raining, and we felt cold for the few moments it stopped. I guess I was the only one who changed into a dry tee shirt and wore a jacket; everyone else were in the same shorts and wet tees we played in the Colva beach. It was about 40 kms to reach the first beach Calangute. We didn’t get into waters there like we did that morning. We toured the coast line and clicked a few pictures. This beach wasn’t very different from the Colva we dove into that morning, except more crowd and few colors here and there. This was a little busier too, I guess it was that right evening timing to watch the sunset. Oh, by the way, while everyone who visits Goa clicks awesome sunset postcards, we didn’t even spot the Sun that day- bad timing but more on that later.

Goa fun human pyramid

We started off from there and rode to the hip hop Baga beach. Actually, its the next beach to Calangute; we could have actually walked along the coastline to get there. Of course, we realized that only after getting to Baga. This is what I can title as a ‘Goa beach’. There are a few others, not to mention the nude beach accessible to only whites as I was told but among the three beaches we covered, Baga was baagaa ‘colorful’. I wish we had time to cover all the [accessible] beaches.

We looked for the local KING’S beer but it was not available, so settled for the international Budweiser. As usual, we clicked some pictures, sat in the sand observing the crowd and it was dark already. We had to ride back 40-50 kms and return the bikes on time too. We thought we would shop for some Goa tee shirts in Panjim or Margao (the place near to Colva beach where we stayed) but it was too uncomfortable with salt-drenched bodies and sand everywhere in the clothes. So we hit the hotel directly, had a shower and set out for dinner.

We tried ‘Good Man’ restaurant and service is awesome! you can take this as a pointer when anyone visits the Colve beach. We also had the local KING’S available. So, had a happy dinner and it was past 1 O’ Clock when we got back to our rooms. We played Rummy for an hour or so and hit the bed after 2 am.

I wish we had more time to experience Goa. Generally speaking, it would take a day or so to get used to the environment there and then we can start freaking out. Hum logon ka vacation tho shuru hothe hee katam hogaya! But, am still happy- we had great fun. It was the group that made it a great experience. The reason we didn’t get disappointed is that we have not planned the schedule. We wanted to take everything as it came and we were able to handle all that was thrown our way!

Day 4: Back to pavillion

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