Happy but not satisfied – I

These days ‘contact customer care’ is as important as ‘check email’, ‘pay bills’ or ‘car/ bike servicing’ check lists for me. There is something or the other these guys mess up that needs follow up. I wish there was at least someone who ‘understands’ the problem – leave alone resolve it. Ultimately I want it resolved, but if it takes two weeks of phone calls and emails to make them understand the problem, I guess they should pay me every month for my efforts!

Here is a description of one such incident with HDFC. It took little more than a month for the complete transaction, mess up and cleanup. While I appreciate the efforts put in to resolve the issue (and they resolved part of it), I am still not satisfied with the complete lingering experience I’m left with.

Objective? It’s three fold. One, I want to vent out to feel better. Two, HDFC is going to know that none of these mess ups are ignored and none of the efforts to clean up go unappreciated. Three, it’s a hint so that you can be cautious if you want to be a prospective customer of HDFC.

Well, coming to the story, my friend needed a personal loan. It was getting difficult for him with the documentation and I thought I will get involved. I will take the loan and give him the money; he will pay the EMI (transfer funds to my account every month). We followed a lead from some consultancy and initiated the process. 15% interest, 1.25% processing fee and no other charges – hidden or otherwise, 100000 is the principal/ loan amount, 36 months duration, 3467 is the EMI – all agreed and set. I provided the documentation. Few follow ups, few hiccups, a little inconvenience for the delay and finally the loan was disbursed. It took three weeks for this process.

The trouble has started. (i) The EMI was 3491. (ii) They deducted 1250 procession fee + additional 1114.

While (i) above is resolved, (ii) am no longer interested to chase them. I will pen down the resolution story tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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