imint rewarding redeeming

I have an i-mint card. ICICI automatically opened an account for me and within 18 months I received the card. I had to sort out many issues with this company too and for them each issue takes 5-6 months; 7-10 days to acknowledge your email, 14-21 days to ‘look into it’, another 14-21 days to work on it, about 14 days again to let you know that ‘it will be taken care’. All of those ‘days’ are by the way ‘business days’.

Anyway, I received an automated email asking ‘Never redeemed your i-mint points? Start now and earn bonus points!‘. I was reading in somebody’s Google Buzz about point redemption and expiration couple of days ago. So, I thought why not check the point balance and order a wallet or something. And while browsing cataloging, coming across this thing. Checking the description and having funning!

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