LG – Over and Out

Dear MasterMinds,

I’ve expressed my feelings for you before. Pretty strong feelings. Here they are, if you want to recollect.

My relationship with LG.

Our last encounter was on July 5th, 2012. One of your esteemed service representatives visited my premises and re-gifted me the luxury of chillness. For a bare minimum consultation fee of INR 300 and at nominal pricing for the replacements you fail to make right, I’m privileged to have used your technicians’ services.

Without your time, effort, innovation, technology and whatever you want to call it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my morning tea (I store milk in the refrigerator) and my weekend beer (same here) for the last couple of years.

The only misconception I had when I purchased the appliance was: I thought I was making an upfront purchase. I did not know I made the full payment of the product only as down payment and then will continue to pay EMIs for the three years that follow, in terms of your consultation and repairs; talk about my financial intelligence!

But now, let’s end this.

The appliance stopped working every month after your last visit as anticipated. To save the headache of dealing with you, I wait for 2 days and throw all the food out. Two days of patience normally pays off and it works again. Ditto for Aug, Sep and Oct.

Now, Nov 2012 has a special story. As the consultation fee of 300 is valid for 3 months, your appliance is intelligent enough to wait past that deadline and then give up. Poor me, I followed the usual ritual; threw out all the food and stared at it for 2 long days. I missed a few cups of tea and a weekend beer too!

Well, it never sprang to life this time.

So I have a routine in these cases too, the same thing I did for the last three years: I called up your Customer Care number and opened a ticket.


It doesn’t matter to me now but there you go, in case it is important to you.

I understand your routine too in these matters! Your representative made a special visit the next day (of course after missing the deadline of 24 hours promised time) and then your technician called me 2 days after that (of course after missing the deadline of 24 hours promised time).

I didn’t like him, I never liked you and I hated the pricing he quoted for this repair. I can pay one employees salary at the maximum; do you want me to pick up the tab for complete Team-India-LG??

I paid for a dozen repairs, may be, so far and (i) Dozen repairs = shame on you! (ii) You should be replacing the appliance by now (iii) May be keep a spare one in my balcony just in case – you know your products; I know your products; who are we kiddin’ here?

Incidentally, the next day was Diwali. So I told your technician an idea. I asked him to come home and call me while still outside the building. I told him I’ll throw the refrigerator down and let him decide what to do. I thought he would prefer to take it home and store undergarments. Well, he never showed up.

After waiting for a while, I thought of setting off all my Diwali crackers inside the refrigerator (outside the building of course) but then, why waste 2250 worth of crackers on worthless you! So, didn’t do it.

I’ll save it as a souvenir and hope that some day it will make it to a museum! 🙂

Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t pay salaries to LG employees anymore.

Sorry fellas, let’s end this here. Enough is enough.

One last thing: Please stop forwarding jokes like this one below; laughing too hard sometimes makes me throw up!

Enrich? Read what it means here.

Get the hell out!

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