Life: How good are you at it?

lifeAccepted, life is just one damned thing after another. Yet, we love life. You know why? Not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness.

Life is what happens to you while you’re working for your future. You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough. Don’t sacrifice your life to work and ideals. The most important things in life are human relations. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be – in everything you do, including life!

Christopher Morley makes it simple: There are three ingredients to the good life; learning, earning, and yearning.


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  1. As humans, we make choices every day.we may make most out of the decisions, but sometimes there are situations where you dont have a clear right or wrong answer.

    To me Life means:

    Not holding good cards but how well you manage them.

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