MLA and MP Resignations

When MLAs, MPs and ministers resign from their positions, I perceive the following:

  1. He/ She is stepping down because of incompetence. They are *admitting* that they are unfit for the role!
  2. Think of the cost of elections if nothing else! That money spent is all gone waste when this elite member chooses to resign. And, new elections cost more money of course!
  3. They step down because they couldn’t do something/ agree for something in the interest of the public and the country. And then they contest again because they miss all the money they can make through corruption.

My judgement – if you resign from any role, you should not be allowed to contest for that position again. You should be banned. If not for life, for at least 10 years or so (two election terms). Only if you complete the term, you will be allowed to contest in election.

2 Replies to “MLA and MP Resignations”

  1. Exactly. My thought too. Once you step down voluntarily, you shouldn’t be allowed to contest in the same constituency any more. Or other option is to cough up twice/thrice the cost of the elections and perhaps you might?

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