My Favorite destination… GOA! anytime!! anyday!!!

Goa has two zones, North and South. If you like to party and freak out, North Goa is the place to be and if you wanna relax and stay away from crowd, its the South Goa. The beaches at South are less crowded and are very tranquil! They are very pleasant. I enjoyed walking from one beach to another while the water kisses the feet every now and then, picking shells and spotting crabs and other creatures, writing and making forms on sand.

A boat trip into the sea from one of the south beaches is worth and amazing, as you go into the sea losing the sight of beach and land! There is water all around and only the sky above, you would only hear the sound of waves hitting the boat and you can spot dolphins hop and swim around! We can go fishing while sipping beer or a drink and then taken to a beach, untouched, isolated with white sand, leaning coconut trees and its the place like heaven on earth, so tranquil and peaceful. Food is cooked under trees and served with drinks, while couples enjoy roaming around the rocks, kissin’ n swimmin’ in waters, and some foreigners going topless! with total carefree attitude make guys like drooling and get restless at such a calm and isolated beach.

And if you are in North Goa, its a different experience altogether. Some too crowded beaches with all kinda people, mixture of localites and foreigners, and at times sea is rough with big tides rushing to shore at some places. There are endless parties around and at shacks on the beach, there are beach parties usually during nights, and one can find oneself ending up in a Rave party with Trans music and people dancing all through the night. Usually its foreigners who crowd in on rave parties, booze, dance and get into trans, rather carefree attitude. I especially liked the music played by Digeridoo, an australian bamboo instrument. The sound is stirring and music is enthralling- you would never know how time passes by at such parties.

I’ve savored different liquors: like Red and white wine, vodka, rum and am good at preparing some cocktails. My pals liked when I tried some cocktails and served them with different tastes. One can get liquor anywhere, from a small grocery store to a mall. Its available everywhere and its rather inexpensive too. You can also savor sea food with varieties of lobsters, fish and prawns. Well, I’m a vegetarian. Still, I enjoyed veg dishes. Of course tried little bit of fish but don’t like it much.

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  1. Oh!! thers much more than what you’ve learned now! For all the four trips i made, discovered a bit on each trip. Each day new experience and total fun!! Bharani, am sure u love to go there again! and I hope the experience i shared here will pretty much be useful for your next trip and you too will come up with new things yourself.. you just need to go around and explore..

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