My Favorite destination… GOA! anytime!! anyday!!!

While you are at Goa, its total party environment everywhere. At nights you would hear music at every shack and food outlets/ restaurants. Apart from sights and sounds of beaches, there’s a lot about Goan culture and one gets to see by visiting old Goa. There are old churches, especially St. Xavier’s, his body still can be seen in this church and there are many good temples like Shanta Durga and Sri Mangesh. One can visit these places and still recognize the religious values; we don’t loose sight of spirituality while enjoying and relinquishing the other side of Goa!

Wait for my next post on the details of places and destinations as a checklist. Everytime I go there, I discover something new. On my 3rd trip we have been to Palolem beach, which is far south and the drive is about 30 min, truly exciting with small ghats and forest kinda environment. Palolem beach looks like half moon and it’s total flat beach. There is a hillock in between, andĀ  we can walk through to the hillock! The beach is adorned with all bamboo shacks. People can stay back in nights or for a day renting them for Rs. 200 to 500, a stay with 2 or 3 beds included. The amazing thing is that one wouldn’t be able to locate and find the beach until we get past those shacks and suddenly we end up at the edge of the beach, which opens wide and we’ll mostly spot only foreigners at this place. We guys were awestruck at theĀ  attitude of people there; for instance, we’ve seen a woman getting total naked, feeling the lovely evening breeze off the sea at sunset! As long as we don’t oggle at them it is fine. We just need to be ourselves!

Your Guide to Goa!

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  1. Oh!! thers much more than what you’ve learned now! For all the four trips i made, discovered a bit on each trip. Each day new experience and total fun!! Bharani, am sure u love to go there again! and I hope the experience i shared here will pretty much be useful for your next trip and you too will come up with new things yourself.. you just need to go around and explore..

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