My gym buddies

Not much of buddies but I see them everyday when I go to workout. So, here is a brief intro of the top few. Please don’t mind if I use a critic tone in the introduction, I just can’t resist!

  • Akram bhai: He is the coach/ trainer in the evening times. He won ‘Mr. Telangana’ title a few times I guess. He is responsible to open the premises and set anything/ everything ready by 5:30 pm. He does come at 6 O’Clock at least once every week. Reason? Overslept in the afternoon!
  • Khal Nayak: Full body builder! Actually everyone knows when this guy walks in. You hear a big ‘Namaste Akhra@#$%mmm bhaiiii!!!’ all over the floor. And immediately reaches over to the remote and plays ‘nayak nahiiinn… khal nayak hu mainnnn….’ Rude fellow!
  • The red pants: Very lean but fit. Works out regularly. Wears a red formal trousers everyday. I wonder if it’s some sentiment or something. When he walks in, he’ll be wearing some random shirt- but when I happen to run into him after few minutes, he’ll be in red tee with a ‘target’ sign on it. Everyday! (Am exaggerating of course, but I swear he wears that 4 out of 5 days!)
  • The dancing guy: All I see him do is dance in front of a huge mirror! Just dance! Sometimes with his hips, sometimes with his tummy, other times with his legs or hands, but dancing for sure. No machines, no weights, no treadmill, no cycling and nothing more. Different steps of course but he’ll spend all the time in front of just that mirror.
  • The pink lady: I’ve seen only one lady so far during the time slot I go everyday. She comes in the pink salwar and spends about 15 minutes at the most. Very heafty and ‘I-come-here-to-reduce-weight’ types. She runs on treadmill for 40 seconds, and then cycles for about a minute and half. Other times she enjoys the leg press machine (?). It involves sitting in a comfortable chair and pushing a plate that has weights attached.
  • Johnny Walker: One treadmill is almost like reserved for him. He walks straight to the treadmill, walks slowly, leaning over the handle/ panel and plays with his mobile. 45-90 mins every evening. Once in a while he yells over the ‘khal nayak’ song- ‘who? who?? wrong number!’
  • The crazy singh: Am not sure if he is one or not, but he put it on his bike. One day, he had to workout on some shoulder press machine. It had many disks on either side. He wanted to reduce the weight before he began. He kept on removing disks on one side only until the machine fell on the other side with a loud bang! Luckily no one was working out on anything on that side. But, yeah, all I could remember at that instant was that bumper sticker on his bike.
  • The three DCs: The spend 5-10 mins on weights and another 45 mins on Deccan Chronicle.
  • Qamar bhai: The proprietor/ owner of the gym. Excellent coach and works out full heavy stuff. He is 50+ and inspires, motivates and encourages everyone to workout regularly.

Anyone else? Um.. I guess a few more regulars. But, nothing out of place or different from me. We just work out on our stuff regulary and leave, day after day…

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  1. @Mubashir: Haan yaar… nahi tho logon ko yakeen bhi nahi hora ki mein workout karna shuru kiya…

    @Raj: hoping so… full tuning happening… hehehe

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