New (Year) Resolution

Yet another year is passing by in a few more hours. For some, it was great; for some others, “not bad”. It’s within us, anyway. A simple calender is not going to control our lives; atleast, all of it. We can’t help with natural calamities, or fight with ‘luck/ fate factor’ though!

So, what are you expecting out of the year ahead? Other than new calenders on walls and desks, any resolutions? Yes! It’s resolution time!!

In Jan (2006), I was a trainer. We (trainees in then current batch and I) were discussing about our resolutions for the year. Some wanted to lose weight; some others, prove their performance at work. There were some obvious ‘I-want-to-quit-smoking’ cases; and a few more ‘I-want-to-start-exercise/gym’ resolutions. When it was my turn, I told them that I would get myself a good girlfriend 😉 The project is pending, anyway, so, time for new resolution! 😉

Last year, or the one before, I don’t remember exactly, I read an interview in The Hyderabad Times. I guess it was Sumanth, Tollywood actor. His resolution was “not to make any more resolutions”. Interesting! I guess I will go with this for now… or continue to work on the incomplete project 🙂

What about you?

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