No one wants them!

I’ve never quite understood what motivates friends who are constant “email forwarders”. I’m sure you know someone who does this – they seem to spend all day forwarding “funny” or “touching” emails to a long list of people who don’t want it. Occasionally there are nice or funny emails that are worth passing on, but the people who send the constant barrage are simply annoying everyone they know. I’m clearly not the only one who gets annoyed with that stuff, as a new study shows that people find “friendly spam” from those they know to be the most annoying spam they get. At least with regular spam you know to delete it right away or filter it out. When it comes from a friend, you’re much more inclined to open it. So, as the study says, if you’re constantly forwarding crap like this to people you think want it, you’re wrong. You’re probably annoying everyone you know. Don’t be that person!

Composing e-mail or posting something on the Internet is as easy as writing on the walls of a public rest room, and about as likely a source of truth. Don’t automatically believe anything… ASSUME it’s false, unless there is real proof (and not just someone’s unverified claim) that it’s true.

Now copy, paste, and send this to everyone you know or the program this message just covertly put on your hard drive will open up your CD-ROM tray and reach out and slap you upside the head. 😉

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