Not a penny more – Not a penny less

This is a book I put my hands on after ‘Simplicity’. A nice change for me from all the ways that life and work should be organized. It’s about business, money and fraud. It is fun.

I read a book by Jeffery Archer before. But that was a collection of short stories. I like the way this author takes the reader through the story as easily as he could and twists in the very last paragraph, if not the very last line.

It’s about a person who builds the largest financial empire starting from zero. He starts his life on streets and uses ruthless means to accumulate the wealth. In the same order, taking advantage of one British government’s announcement related an oil deal, he starts a company and hires an innocent business manager to talk it up and attract investors. Four people – a professor, a doctor, an art dealer and a Lord invest heavily in the company. One unfortunate day, the company is no more and the stocks crash completely.

It’s about the plot by the four investors to steal their money back – Not a penny more, not a penny less! It is awesome homework and wonderful effort. Though it was like a normal book sometimes, I did find it a page turner otherwise. I was in fact thinking cruel for a few days after completing this book, like a villain in movies, though no ideas flashed that will make me a multi-millionaire [;)]. And, Jeffry did not disappoint me when it came to the last line twist. Wow! What an end!

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