Online Shopping Tips – Why shop online?

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There’s an incredible world of items to choose from online, so take your time and make sure you get the best deals. You can save anything you like in your shopping cart while you browse, and can easily remove it if you find something better.

Pay how you like

Depending on the retailer, you can safely enter your card details for the retailer to take payment over a secure connection right away, or you can sometimes choose to pay on delivery. It’s safe, trusted and the most convenient way to shop for the best bargains out there.

Delivered to your door

Choose whether to have your items delivered to home, work or elsewhere, and most items will arrive within just a few working days. We hope you’ll fall in love with them – but just in case you don’t, look for the retailers who offer a return policy.

Here are some tips for shopping online:

  • Check the dimensions of the product you’re buying. You don’t want to accidentally order a table that’s meant for a dolls house! They’ve come a long way now, but do you remember my experience with Jabong some time ago?
  • Shop around to get the best deal – and look out for special online sales or discount shopping events. We will help you stay on top of this! Like the Deals & Coupons Facebook page to receive updates on deals and discount coupons!
  • Add extra information to the delivery instructions if you can – such as what to do if no one’s home when your order arrives.
  • Make sure you know the full delivery or postage costs before you pay for your purchase, and be sure to check out the retailer’s delivery times.
  • Take a look at the retailer’s returns policy, just in case you need to send your purchase back.
  • Only enter your card details in web payment forms that you are sure are genuine. No genuine e–retailer will ever ask you to email your card details to them.
  • Keep your email confirmations and receipts – they’re your proof of purchase (plus a great reminder of how much you’ve saved).
  • After shopping, check your credit card statements to ensure the right amount has been debited.
  • Change your password frequently on your online shopping accounts – and make it something really personal to you that no one else could guess.

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  1. Vivvu garu,
    I would urge you write something on our current political scenario.
    BJP, Congress, AAP or Others – whom to choose
    Let’s all unite and make our country the ‘Soney ka Chidiya’ it was.
    “Judega Bharat tho Daudega Bharat”
    Jai Hind

    1. Hey Naveen bhai, how are ya? 🙂

      I don’t follow politics closely so I might not be the right person to write about the situation. If I attempt, it will be a pure mockery, for obvious reasons.

      If you would like to pen down some of your thoughts here on this blog, let me know! 🙂

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