Oy! Did it come out right?

I’ve listened to the music for a couple of weeks continuously before watching the movie and I love it. I had huge expectations for the movie I based on the quality of the music. While, loving the music has helped me enjoy the experience, the expectations were too high I guess, or the movie itself didn’t probably turn out as well.

Siddharth is his usual charming self and pretty convincing as a son of rich businessman. His performance is more noticeable in the second half. Shamili can be treated just as a newcomer. She seemed she wasn’t ready for a come back [with few extra pounds for example] and did the movie anyway. Her performance doesn’t remind anyone of her ‘Anjali’ as a child artist, though I kept wondering if this is the same girl that set new standards then. Sunil was better [not great] with his comedy considering his recent past appearances.

Music is an asset to the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja has done a marvelous job and I can’t stop humming ‘Seheri’ even now. The songs areย  pictured well and I kinda love the lyrics too. Unlike using a lot of fillers or vague words just to fill in the lines, they actually make sense given the situation the songs are placed in.

Story is a nice concept. It just did not make the right impact. It’s about two contrast characters Uday (sunrise) and Sandhya (sunset). As the title song goes, Sandhya is like ‘ Roopam lo na beautiful, Chethal lona duty full, Maatal lona Fundamental… Annitlona Capable, Annitlona Careful, Anthe Lenee Sentimental… … Dabbantene Alergy, Birth antene Energy, Nammuthundhi numerology… inti mundhu nursery, antaneedhu allari, Ooppukodhu Humourology…’ . And Uday is all ‘Vunnadhokate Nadiche Samayam, Dhanithone nuvve chesey paianam, Maru nimisham ledhantu life e gadipey merupula…’ fun loving rich 22 yr old boy. Seheri apparently means celebration.

He falls for her when spotted in a pub in a ‘tella chudidar’ on new year’s bash which also happens to be his birthday. She comes there as a friend insists but keeps writing her diary. These contrast characters have a twist when she is diagnosed for cancer on the same day he proposes to her (on her birthday). He takes her for a Kasi trip (something which was on her to-do list for a long time) to give her a chance to live life to the fullest in that one week. A giggle and grin, here and there, it was okay.

The concept can still work but only if written effectively. The movie is kinda flat and does not take the emotion to another level. Some say it’s the ‘Gitanjali’ attempt but has not worked out well. I feel the storyline is fine but the making did not make that impact to touch or feel the emotion. There was a good scope for this all throughout the movie- either comedy, sentiment or entertainment.

Sunil was good though, with the ‘Chatrapati’ ringtone gags. His role as an insurance agent, and his company with Pradeep (Chatrapathi villain) as Raas Bihari (?) is entertaining.

Overall, you’ll love the music and movie is just okay. It could have been better.

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  1. I hope this movie is with a similar story line of Amrutha Varsham… anyway movie is not so bad.. but I too loved the music and the lyrics…

    1. I haven’t watched Amrutha Varsham as well :(. Yep, music is the best part and I just thought movie could have been better with the same concept.

  2. Thank you. ‘A walk to remember’ is still in my yet-to-watch list. Will catch up very soon. Regarding podcast, thanks for the idea, let me look into it. If you have any pointers, that will be very helpful.

    And about Shamili, I guess we need another movie or two to look at her as an actress. Given her performance as child artist, one come back movie is too early (may be) to settle for an impression ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sounds like the remake of ” A walk to remember”
    Sid wasted his talent on one more flick !!
    and omg.. she cannot be the same cute “anjali”
    she shuld’ve stayed out to keep that charm

    Good write !!! share the songs ๐Ÿ™‚
    Add a podcast on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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