Pearl YAMAHA – Feedback about your service!

From: Vivek
Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Pearl YAHAMA – Feedback about your service!

Dear Pearl Yamaha,

Your request to send an SMS or an email with feedback gives me a hope that you would like to care for customers.

Well, here is my feedback:

I have a black YAMAHA SZ, and am very happy with the performance and the bike in general. However, I am very disappointed with your service. I sent you an SMS yesterday mentioning the same from your Service Station itself. I would like to elaborate and provide more details here.

My first visit was about 2 months ago, when it was time for the first service for my bike. I did not have any major complaints as it was just 30 days old. So, it was just a general service like the oil change and a casual check on the nuts and bolts. All went well until it was the time to pick up my bike in the evening. I don’t know the internal process you follow but I sensed that you lost my bike. Well, not completely but at least for a while. It took more than 30 mins to locate my bike. And you know the best part? Your staff were showing every bike in the building and asking me if it was mine! They were all FZs mostly and I don’t like it much, so I kept saying no until they found mine. If there was a R15, should I have said yes? Am sure they would give me key and thank me for getting off the their back!

Yesterday, 10-Feb-2011 was my second service encounter. I told them not to lose my bike this time; they were careful this time about the bike, but lost the job card (Job Card number: 5283). Well, another 30 mins of search everywhere to complete the formalities and pay the bill. But, more than that these are the points I am pissed off with:

  • After repeated requests, finally yesterday was the day I could get the seat cover and the tank cover. Every time I visited, I was told the same thing “99% today evening sir”. Well, how long is your day? 01-Dec-2010 to 10-Feb-2011 is a single day for you?
  • The guy manning the spares store wants me to use the covers for Gladiator. It took good patience to explain that I would prefer the ones made specifically for SZ. Why else would I chase you for the covers while I can custom-make them on the road side? I can even get pink and yellow stripes for the seat if I wanted on the roadside! But again, here is the highlight: He wants me to use Gladiator stuff EVEN while SZ stuff is in stock! What the hell? Why don’t you sell me even when the stock is finally there right in front of you?
  • Sale done. But no one wants to fix them now. Reason: time out. I was there at 6:00 pm and I was told that working hours are till 7:00 pm.
  • I still wanted to take the accessories home and fix them myself. The guy from the store takes these covers from a plastic bag, prepares the bill and hands me the covers and throws the bag away. I requested for some bag to carry it home and the answer is no. Boy, why does he hate me so much?
  • Billing time: I am at the counter and I see my bike which is all ready for delivery is taken back to the service area. I had to follow him to understand the story and realized the big surprise in store for me! He started the servicing then! What the hell is the purpose of leaving my bike with you ALL DAY?
  • I asked him for an explanation and he said it was all done, except the oil change. Into the conversation he admitted that all they did was check if breaks are okay. They were okay so they put the bike aside. That’s all you do? Of course, it was washed, which I now understand is the major part of your servicing routine. I don’t have to get it to you to change the oil and have it washed. I am sure I can handle those!

Anyways, you wanted the feedback and I am sending it to you as email as requested. Whether you want to read it and do something about it is your decision. Being a little selfish and not wanting my efforts to go in vain, this email is also posted on the Internet and here is the link:

And one more thing: Why do you print your Service Station’s name and address on the accessories like seat and tank covers, as if you’re giving it for free or promotion? Am I not paying for those? YAMAHA is good, am proud to be associated with the brand. We don’t need YOUR station’s name and address, you’re no good!

Thanks and regards,
Vivekananda K.
YAMAHA black SZ.

Update: 24-Feb-2011:

I forwarded this link to the YAMAHA folks and received the following response. I filled up the details and sent it back to them.

From: Back Office <>
To: Vivek
Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: Your CustomerID is: IC004173
Complaint : Service

Dear Sir

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We would request you to please provide some of your details in the below mentioned Format, so that we can proceed further with your concern

Note : All fields marked with * are compulsory.

* Name                                                                 :
* Date of Birth                                                          :
* Address, City                                                         :
* State                                                                        :
* Contact Number                                                :
E-mail Address ( if any )                                         :
Customer ID                                                        :
* Chassis Number                                                 :
* Purchase Date                                                :
* Concern Dealer Name                                         :

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks & Regards
Back Office Operations
Toll Free : 1800-420-1600


Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 11:52:53 +0530 (IST)

Dear Sir/Mam,

Here is the feedback letter I wrote to the service station. Not even an acknowledgement so far!!

Kindly find the details of the customer :
Name:Vivekananda Kadukuntla
Contact Number: xxxxxxxxxx
MyAddress :Hyderabad
State :Andhra pradesh
City :Kurnool
Model : SZ

Update: 21-Apr-2011:

I received a call from Pearl Yamaha manager Mr. Anand a couple of days ago. He apologized for the inconvenience caused and requested to give it another try with the same service station. He also left his business mobile number to keep him posted if the service is not better the next time.

That is at least an acknowledgement from the authorities and I like it. So, let’s see next time!

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      1. u are a very foole and faltu tell me frankly yar i think ur are wart driving bec of more problem ur bike hahahah u are a very very very faltu compl yar hahahaha

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