I know a few people who write good lyrics. These works are far better than the ones that are being currently accepted into movies. But, I guess it takes more than talent (money? Or blood relation?) to get into the “industry”. Yes, that is the term used for the movie making community. We approached a few people for a “chance”. All of them wanted to use the script for their use. If it makes its way to some movie or the other, they would claim it as their work and we get nothing. Leave alone money, not even the name! If this keeps going, we get paid a minimum amount, say a couple of hundreds for each song or so. (And yes, never do we get the fame!)

DVDThat is all the inside story which they assume people outside are unaware of. The other side, which I am more interested in is, the “industry” being against piracy. They want all the viewers in the theaters or buy original disks only. We will also be rewarded if reported piracy. It’s surprising to hear from people who are more often than not, corrupt and selfish, to talk about the topic. They need a revolution against a piracy. They need “value and respect” for the [so called borrowed] talent in the industry.

I would say I have no respect for the industry which has no respect for authentic talent. Now, if you have any good prints of the movies out there, please let me make a copy!

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