Resolved Bhoot Mystery

I know I’ve used ‘booth’ in my previous post but realised later that ‘bhoot’ is better. Just the spelling -adapting to the correct one in this post.

So, you know what happened at the airport that night. If you need a quick recall of events, read the previous post first.

Up to date? Let’s continue.

We lost three documents: parking ticket, car registration (RC) and my driver’s license; in that order.

Let me tell you what happened to those docs in the reverse order. First, my license.

A week or two before that day, a policeman stopped me for verification over a weekend ride to the supermarket. I was on bike with Bharani. They check every Saturday or Sunday in our regular Miyapur-Bachupally route. I had the bike’s RC and driver’s license in my wallet. When the policeman reluctantly asked for ‘papers’, I patiently got down the bike, opened the seat section to access the documents compartment and handed over the ‘papers’. Those were NOT the papers he was looking for. They were bike papers of course but the ones that I need to get the RC at RTA. RC was already made so they were practically useless. I seriously don’t know what he checked but after flipping through them for a while, demanded for license. I had to open my wallet and show him the card. When trying to put it back, the card slipped out of my hands and fell in one of those gaps under the seat as it was still open.

After trying to reach for it a minute, thought I’ll look into it after getting home and we moved on. The driver’s license remained in the bike and I never got to it. I even completely forgot about it and was roaming around confidently in the city even without carrying a license! And, that day, I drove to airport too, not knowing that my driver’s licence was no longer in my wallet. 🙂 So, that’s about the license. I hope it’s still there in the bike somewhere!

Next is what? Oh, RC.

This cannot be a forgotten or ‘missed it elsewhere’ case as I held the card in my own hands to verify the registration number and stuff while heading to the parking office in the airport. But then, it was missing in less than a minute.

Few days after that incident, while on our way home from office (we carpool), Venkat was waiting in the car while I got down to get some milk/ groceries/ something. Venkat is the one who was with me in airport when I parked the car, lost the ticket and when all the bhoot drama happened. It was his license we used to get out of the situation.

While waiting, he bent down a little to take a look at that coffee cup storage area one more time. There was a small gap into which he slid a finger and fiddled a little. He apparently felt something like a card and pulled it out. Viola! RC!! 🙂

One of my habits while driving is: I don’t hold anything in hands. I wear a seat belt and use hands just for steering or the gear shaft and that’s it. If I have to handle any toll tickets, money, phones, I do that real quick and pass them on to the navigator. If not, my next preference is to dump them in the front seat or the cup holder area and address it later. I think I left it in the cup holder area that night too. But I still don’t understand how it got stuck in a small gap, deep inside under the dashboard, huh! I tell you it’s the airport bhoot!

First one with driver’s license was completely my forgetfulness, I agree. Even later, Bharani reminded me of the bike incident and I did not recollect it on my own.

The second one was ok-ok. If the document was technically existing in the car, it’s our ineffective search. However, there is no way it can be hidden so discretely in that small gap under the dashboard. This hiding part, I blame on, the airport bhoot. So, RC fiasco was in partnership.

The last document we still are yet to talk about – parking ticket? There is nothing to talk about it. The bhoot took it and it was never found. 🙁

End of story.

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  1. it was literally a kind off ram gopal verma bhoot..gayab!!! u still roaming aruond without license..?? dn gonna meet real life bhoot soon 😀

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