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If you have come here following a note in your Inbox, you’re my loyal subscriber and thank you for that! If not, here is a way to subscribe to this blog and enjoy content right in your mailbox. And thanks in advance for that too!

To make your experience much better, I’ve changed the way the blog content is delivered to your Inbox. The complete post can be read right in your email system and you can visit the site only if you have a comment to add or read the response from others. So, am saving you one trip to the browser by delivering the complete content. In addition, you will receive the blog update at a given time any day new posts are added. No updates, no email. Irrespective of the number of posts, one single email at a particular time of the day. Kool, eh?

Action plan: To enjoy this way of blog content delivery, you will need to subscribe once. Just click this link and enter your email address. It’s that simple!

Please spend these 8 seconds to help me make the transition smooth.

Email subscription

If you are an RSS addict, here is the feed:

RSS feed

The same links are also available in the top right corner of the blog.

Thanks again for your subscription. I will disable this current method of email notification in a week or two- as soon as at least half of the current followers move to the new method of delivery. Meanwhile, could you please bear with me for duplicate email?

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