Pista – movie review


Yet another Vishal’s movie. Well, almost.

The first half was very good with nice comedy and clear storyline. The second half is a little cluttered; if all the story threads were just concluded instead of starting new ones, I would have remembered the complete plot of the movie now. Actually the second half is what it makes a Vishal’s movie. Full action shots and fight sequences, powerful dialogues delivered with no punch that is needed, theen maar with same tamil mass beat – you get it. They made Shreya dance for teen maar as well 🙂

Vishal was his usual self. I haven’t watched his ‘Salute’ but I can compare to the others like ‘Pandem kodi’ etc. I would say nothing different from any of his earlier movies. Shreya was a hottie. A little more sensuous and glamorous than earlier may be. Again, other than being hero’s love, no special role or story behind the character. Seasoned comedians Ali and MS Narayana played their role too. Prakash Raj is the bad guy.

Actually, I think there was a problem with casting. Making a movie in Tamil and Telugu at the same time has its challenges. For the scenes they had to shoot again, few others were cast – who need more recognition than they received. Dharmavarapu subramaniam played a couple of minutes, just in one scene. Krishna Bhagavan and Srinivas (Idiot chinna) were treated the same way. Tanikella Bharani was just on screen with no weight to his role. It appeared that they had too much to show in less time.

Music is ok-ok. It’s Manisharma so obviously a lot of noise dominating the normal music and singers. The picturization of a few tracks was awesome though. Good experiments with costumes, colors, lights and massive sets. All the posters you see out there are from these song sequences.

All in all, movie was just ok. Nice posters and advertising though 🙂


A couple more noteworthy points for me:

  • It’s been a long time I watched a movie on the first day of release. We caught this one on Day 1, second show
  • My first movie in Andhra (Eluru)
  • We bought tickets in black spending twice the price for ‘box’ seats