Thanks Tom, Dick and Harry!

And of course to Sally too, for keeping me company this weekend. It would have been worse otherwise!

Last weekend was little different after a long time. Disturbed sleep patterns and kinda fatigue all day and night. I blamed it on changed shift/ OFFs and was back on track when the week started. I was hoping this one would be little better, but looks like it’s worse.
All Saturday night I had to work; Sunday morning we had some celebration at home; afternoon was a friend’s wedding- I was too happy to have the night and day fully occupied. It was 4pm when I got back and wanted a desperate nap- and the trouble started.
As per the plan I should be up by 8 or so and get out of home to hangout with friends and have fun. Unfortunately, no one called or sent a message, no alarm set, so it was 11 pm by the time I opened my eyes! Tough time to get out and bother others. Spent an hour roaming in the house and getting fresh and then started the show. 3rd rock from the Sun. It went on all night Sunday and all Mon’day’ and all Monday night. Of course with some irregular ‘an hour’ naps in between now and then.
Next weekend I HAVE to get out and do something fruitful or crazy. You’ll see!
Anyways, thanks Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally for the fun! And by the way, I gulped down a beer on Sunday afternoon before the wedding; another last evening after the workout; yet another in the midnight with dinner. Looks like it’s time for another one! Cya!

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  1. I realized I reacted earlier too on the blog, but so because I came up with something useful as I was bored etc. This time, as said, Tom Dick and Harry! 😀

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