The art of motivation

I bumped into one of the simplest articles about Vroom’s Expectancy Theory of Motivation. Here is a copy-paste of one of the paragraphs and then follows the link to the complete article on the web.
So, if I perceive that any one of these is true:
  1. My increased effort will not increase my performance
  2. My increased performance will not increase my rewards
  3. I don’t value the rewards on offer
…then Vroom’s expectancy theory suggests that this individual will not be motivated. This means that even if an organisation achieves two out of three, that employees would still not be motivated, all three are required for positive motivation.
Here is the complete article. Here is the Wikipedia page for Expectancy theory.
What am pondering while I compose this post is- What percentage of the day to day activities we perform everyday cover the three points above? And is paycheck a ‘given’ or a ‘reward’?

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