The Background

teddyA very powerful concept; A much complicated concept that let’s us understand how simple various things are. It makes the things we do, experiences we have and life we live – stand out. And without the background, it is very difficult to analyze/ understand the magnitude of the things we do, experiences we have and the life we live. I’m hoping this is not philosophical.

It’s all relative. Think about any simple example – you like something or somebody. The moment you look at a poster, if it appeals to you, there is something in your mind that you categorize as good or bad. The poster is compared to your preferences and if it matches with the good ones – you like it!

So here is a question: where do we build these preferences from? No, you cannot stand near me and click ‘sync’ in your brain to have my taste! These preferences are built again from some experiences – lessons learnt in the past. Some the easier way and most, the hard way! I see a dog for the first time, I go near it and it attacks me! Next time I see a dog, I’m scared. Because I ‘saved’ the previous experience in my mind. Whenever I see a dog, I compare it to my ‘preferences’ about dogs and feel the emotion (may be I’m scared, may be I love dogs, may be I hate; whatever!)

And coming to the point now, am wondering if we can ‘tune’ our background. Is this positive thinking all (or a little) about? Lowering or raising the bar on the preferences? It could be! Because if we compare everything we experience to a scale inside us, changing the scale obviously should have some influence. You may start liking something you completely disliked (or less liked) earlier. And the reason is its all relative!

I wish I can control my background like I choose backdrops to my pictures!

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