The day I got my YAMAHA

“Do you have a brown one?” I asked the sales guy in between grasping breaths as soon as I rushed into the YAMAHA showroom. He stared at me for a few seconds and asked with a puzzled look: “What?” I then gave him a few more details. “I am here to buy a YAMAHA Crux. Do you have a brown one??” He looked at his watch. It was about 9.00 pm, maybe, and he was winding up his work to close the store.“Please come in tomorrow. I will explain the finance options as well if you want to opt for a two wheeler loan. We will need some documentation done. I need some proofs and some forms filled out. All this takes time and we are almost closed today”, he was not interested to process the sale that evening I guess. I was a little disappointed. If there was no option, I would have left then and returned the next day. But I wanted to give it another shot before I stepped out. “I have the proofs, I can fill the forms out, I have 75% of the price as cash in my pocket right now, and I have the cheques and stuff to process the remaining amount as loan. Can I have my bike now?” And I had it.

Am not sure if the 75% down-payment impressed him or maybe he thought I would rush into another store if he wouldn’t sell me one right then. Either way, he started talking about the sale. First thing he told me was that the brown one was not in stock. I asked him to make the loan papers ready and called my friends, Shiva and Sai. They were 10 mins away and started immediately. As soon as they joined we checked out the colors available. It was black and silver (I guess). Sales guy was probably thinking we would return after a couple of days to pick up the brown one I asked for. But, my friends and I looked at each other and blurted out together – “We’ll take black”.

Of course we were all excited about the bike. The first in our ‘gang’. It was on July 8th 2002, about 40 days after I joined my first job. I was planning for a bike since I was in college. My parents could hardly afford my tuition fees so I didn’t even think of a bike then. But I always thought bike will be the first thing I would buy after I get a real job. And there was my chance and time. I would leave the store with my own bike!

Meanwhile, the sales guy came up with a bunch of stuff in both hands. Those were the optional accessories I may select. The stuff included seat covers, number plates, buzzer and much more. It took less than a minute to say yes to anything that made sense and no to others that we didn’t think was necessary. We had to make a selective choice as all that comes at extra price. The sales guy gave us a weird look as we smiled to convey that the choice was over and it was his turn to fix those super fast. He probably thought we found somebody’s lost money and walked into the store directly to get ourselves a luxury.

In fact, we did the project for two weeks. We considered price, weight and other technicalities from various brands in various classes. We made visits to the showrooms and ate their brain until we understood why something was better than the other. Color was the only option we left open to finalize towards the end. I think I still have the data chart we made to come to a conclusion that we would buy a YAMAHA. My license was ready too in June that year, an arrangement to gear up for the bike [ad]venture. And it was getting ready right in front of us!

We signed the papers and all proofs necessary were ready in my bag. We paid the cash and processed the loan for the remaining amount. The sales guy got suspicious maybe; he wanted to visit our place just in case, as we told him we were renting rooms as ‘bachelors’. We told him we were ready for anything as long as I get my bike that night. It was 10.00 pm by the time I got my hands on it. The fact that we agreed to show our place readily changed his mind probably, the sales guy shook hands and left for the day closing the store behind him. “Manishi meeda manishiki nammakam undali sir” was all he said.

The moment the bike was delivered, we had to do a ‘tricky’ to the nearby café. After a hot chai with all our faces gleaming with pride and happiness, we rode to my place. My sisters broke a coconut and we rode off to our bachelors place with beer and chicken to celebrate!

Next morning, I was at work flaunting my new bike! And Danny still never understands the complete episode of our on-the-fly (was it?) bike purchase! 🙂 I guess this is one of the pages in my diary that will always be highlighted in fluorescent green to cherish the wonderful moment. I don’t think I was that happy even when I drove my car home!

PS: I borrowed the 75% down-payment from my sister and paid her half my salary every month until it was paid in full. 🙂

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  1. Vivek.. Taruvata sTorY kuda Rayilisindi…. Superb vundedhi…..

    Adey siva cheppindi………To be continued…Next episodeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..ayina nee yamaha… chivariki… cheralsina gamyam cheri poyindi kadha……….. adey tana Grand father dagagriki………….. :):):)… hahhahahhaha

  2. baabu….bike gurinchi raasaav….mari tarvaata mandu kukka kaalu rendu hospitals patteelu gurinchi raayaledu eppudu raastaav???????:)

  3. Nice post Viv. By reading this i could recall my memories when i got my bike last year.
    I have also done the ground work and decided for a Pulsar(can get to hand in 2 hrs).
    Just a night before i buy it, I have talked to Srikanth(Laddu) and on his advice i have changed my decision to Unicorn. I have waited for 22days to get it due to shortage.

  4. Mine was a similar story. I believe we worked in the same company back then. I was commuting to work by bus and suddenly decided to buy a Pulsar when I saw Rahul showroom at Begumpet. The bike was with me in next 1.5 hour and I drove to work place(Afternoon shift). I still cherish those moments.

    1. @Bharani: Ya even I don’t understand why I asked for brown. As well known, black is our favorite color for many things. Excitement I guess. And Shankar Patel- read this read this!! 😛

  5. You are not first in our gand V V. You are the only in our gang. I am so pity and angry on my self. that i missed a lot.

    1. @Vimal- Was flipping through the blog for something and ran into this comment. Howz the status changed now? 🙂 How many new additions in the gang, 4? My second YAMAHA SZ, Srikanth’s Splendor Plus, Sai’s YBX and of course your old city Dazzler! 😀

  6. hahaha, nuvu inka mara ledhu mama. Only thing is now our tastes are changed and we get excited for the next version 🙂

  7. Nice to hear that you got the bike on the same day.. In chennai I got my bike and it took 15 days for me to wait (In Chennai they will hand over the bike once it is registered only ;))

    Everything is fine ra.. but are you holding that bike still or did you sell it off… 🙂

    1. Yep, we were determined to take home the bike that day, and luckily it worked out. After using it for 6 years, last year I thought I’ll sell it off and get a new one. It is still in good condition and Veeru is using it now. 🙂 The same day I handed YAMAHA off, I got an Activa you saw the other day 🙂

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