The Interpretation of Murder

An interesting read I should say. While the story outline is based on a lot of facts, it is not a real story. A lot of events, the social status and development were all perfectly correct at the time this story is supposed to have happened. He did some very nice research to get this book out. Only the murder and analysis is the fiction part. This is a logical story happened in Manhattan, 1909.

While this is a suspense thriller like many other books and movies, a new method ‘psychoanalysis’ is used to investigate. People who are genuinely interested in psychology will have good fun and some food for thought. Not people, who think they are interested in psychology, mind you! Yeah, I’ve had cases like this come up after understanding the thinking process a little.

Rubenfeld did a fantastic job in weaving all the characters into the story. He used a fictitious character or two to solve the mystery and that blend with the original characters too is exquisite. And the description of the scenes and places is awesome too. I wonder if this has been ever made into a movie. While reading the book, I could actually ‘see’ few shots in black and white or one of those low light silhouette types in my mind 🙂 I was put off a little during the discussions of European history etc., but otherwise very interesting overall.

One of the few things discussed along the story in this book is psychoanalysis. Especially relationships; between anyone and everyone. The popular Oedipus complex has its own part in the interpretation. A lot of deducing (like in Sherlock Holmes stories) can be done by observing different actions and pondering over it for a while. Who says thinking too much is not good? This psychoanalyst resolved the mystery just by playing over the details and not even visiting the scene or talking to suspects and people involved! And the same was run by a police officer who confirmed every minute detail. Interesting I say!

And one more thing which kept me thinking: Shakespeare’s Hamlet. While I haven’t read it or watched the play, supposedly the most widely translated work after Bible, I do doubt if I will ever get my hand on it. Moreover, I wonder if I can ever understand a bit of his expertise with language. And I seriously wonder if it’s actually English! [:D] Why? There is whole argument about one line from Hamlet: “to be or not to be” throughout the book related to the psychoanalysis and what Hamlet probably meant by that!

Bottom line: I recommend you read this first book by Jed.

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  1. Psychoanalysis bagane anipinchindi… nee daggara “interpretation of dreams” copy unte cheppu… chadivesta as soon as possible…

  2. mottaniki chadivesaav anamaata….
    …next step…interpretation of dreams …completely on psycho analysis…:)

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