The night that wasn’t

Last night I was fast asleep when the alarm went off. I usually depend just on my mobile phone and it was right beside me. The ‘Soni De Nakhre’ song from ‘Partner’ in Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile right beside the pillow would probably wake up anyone successfully.

4 am is my normal wake up time as I have to report to work by 6 am all this month. Like many others, I too am part of the ‘5 more minutes’ club. I hit ‘snooze’ and was just lying around for few more minutes. I always convince myself that this is to save the headrush from getting up immediately. There are instances though, when I closed my eyes only to open after 45 mins, which feels like 2 or 3 secs. I love the sleep during this period but hate the hurry-up after I wake up.

Anyway, I reluctantly woke up and started doing the few things I do every morning subconciously: turned on the light, switched off the fan, powered on the UPS, modem and the computer (to play music, not to go online. but why modem? I donno!), dropped feed for fish in the tank and held the toothbrush. All these take less than 60 secs surprisingly. But I could feel something different. I thought, sleep deprived probably. But, who doesn’t? I had dinner after 9.30 pm last night and watched 2-3 episodes of FRIENDS (am in Season 2 for the 7th time all over I guess) and may be dozed off only after 11. So, I hardly slept for 4-5 hours maximum.

And then I looked at the clock. It was showing about 12:10! Wrong time to notice the dead battery. Luckily I did find one in my desk and I changed the battery while brushing. I then opened media player and ‘Oye’ songs were playing. I glanced at the system clock to set time after changing the battery and that showed about 12:15. Something’s terribly wrong. I walked into the hall and looked at another clock on the wall. 12.15. I thought I knew what happened and checked my mobile immediately. Time: 12:16. Received calls: none (in the last couple of hours). I assumed I woke up to an incoming call and mistook for wake-up alarm but I could see no calls in the log.

Anyway, I completed brushing and slept off wondering why I woke up like that at 12 in the night. And, in fact, if the alarm did go off or was it a dream/ imagination. What was I thinking? I woke up around 2:45 am once and then again at 3:30 am. Alarm did go off at 4 am as scheduled and am here at work on time. Only after coming here, I noticed the ‘calendar’ items for today on mobile screen (why did I miss that in the night?) and it is a friend’s birthday. Alarm was set to go off at 12! 🙁

Happy Birthday buddy! 🙂

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  1. ha ha ha, loved it! I had a similar experience, but I was not the victim, my relatives were. Last time I went to India, I haven’t changed the Singapore time on my mobile. We had some event for which all were supposed to wake up at 4.30am. I left my mobile in the living room. My uncle nicely took it and set the alarm at 4.30am. So next morning, when the alarm went off at 4.30, he woke up e’one and they finished their bath etc in 30 mins, so they assumed time was 5.00am. Then my ammamma came to wake me up and I felt like my eyes were too heavy to open, I knew I would feel so only when I didn’t have enough sleep or woke up too early…so I checked my watch beside and realised it was just 2.30am :)) so I told her, its just 2.30am and it is ok if we sleep for 2 more hrs! She went out and told e’one and just imagine what their reaction would have been! Thing was my Singapore was 2 1/2 hrs ahead of IST…ha ha ha…so poor things, they all went to sleep again..
    morning when my uncle told me the story and said that he set the alarm in my mobile I checked it and explained him what happened. So me and my mobile were blamed for the whole mishap! Lesson learned for me: Set local time when you travel places, in your watch and your mobile, lesson for my uncle: use your own mobile to set alarms! heheheeee.

  2. Hahahahhaha 😀
    I am not sure whether to feel sorry or thank you.
    Poor Vivek.. Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep posting…

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