The old URL “slash” blog

slashblogI had an idea and I worked on it. I moved my blog to So, it’s the same URL except a “slash blog” as a suffix. Very easy to remember!

I’ve been thinking to implement many changes to my home online and hence this first move. Yeah, the blog on the main address is still active; I need to confirm that everything (at least, most of it) is working kool in the new location before I kill the main (now old) blog.

So, a kind request to please update your favorites, RSS feeds, and any other way you feel comfortable in reaching the blog.

Thanks for being with me through the change! 🙂

Next steps:

  • Stay tuned for the commencement of my new project; hoping to make a beta release sometime this week
  • May be some changes to ‘simplify’ the “/blog” look and feel. I know many are unable to follow it regularly because of the javascript error with IE that rudely kills the page before you get to the main content. Also, as the blog will no longer be the first page we show ( site needs to be built) we may not need the website-y or magazine look. Let’s see.

Er… just a second…

Do you find anything common/ different/ interesting with these dates? (MM.DD.YYYY)

  • 01.02.2010
  • 10.02.2001
  • 08.31.1380 (!)
  • 11.02.2011

Read this to crack the code. See ya!

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