The only missing link at Buffer

Dear Buffer,

I like you.

I like the primary functionality of Buffer – buffering my feed to release at set times to Twitter, for example.

And when we have Twitter come into picture, we are aware of the number 140.

Then there is a Chrome extension(?) I use to “buffer”.

Of course, I love to hear from you from time to time; so, I have a subscription to your newsletter. “Joel from Buffer” sends me some interesting emails often.

And, what do I do when I like the article? I buffer. => I click on the extension to feed it to Twitter.

I know I can select some text and then “buffer” it to set context. But “Joel from Buffer” uses a heading for a reason. There is also some¬†description¬†about the Buffer blog.

Now, the total text doesn’t fit well for a tweet, does it?

If it’s other blogs/ sites like mine, I understand. While I like to have my articles shared, I always don’t think of Twitter, for example.

Now, at Buffer, I think you should consider that point. Don’t you think so?

No big deal- but if posts on Buffer blog are easy to buffer out of the box using it’s own service, it’s just clean, isn’t it?

Thank you.

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