To Texas – finally!

We had a party at home last Sunday, a late celebration of my Birthday. I couldn’t put everyone in my family together on my Birthday so had to postpone celebrations with family by one week.

This time my choice was Texas Chicken. And I loved it. The food, the service and the price too. I think it is a very nice combination of all. I’ve been thinking of visiting this place since it’s opened in Himayatnagar (Hyderabad), and now got the time to attack.

I went there at about 8 in the evening. It was my first visit, so asked a representative for his recommendation. Single family portion costs Rs. 269 (plus 20 tax) and has 8 good pieces. We got two portions just to have enough and it was awesome. He agreed when I requested for all 16 ‘leg pieces only’. Wow! He just needed 15 minutes to get them ready. Food was good. Nicely prepared. Little spicy compared to KFC.

And I liked service too! We were just sitting and waiting for the order to get ready; my friend and I were offered about 4 pieces of boneless chicken (in terms of the price it would be more than Rs. 100) and two large soft drinks- as compliment to while up time while we were waiting! Another wow!!

All in all I loved the experience. I’m going there again very soon. And again! And again!!

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