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It’s again that time of the year when we spare a moment to think about the year that comes to an end, ponder over the good and bad, and make plans for the new year. For this blog, it’s about the top 10 posts for this year. Last year’s list is here.

Before I list out the individual posts, here are a few pages that got most visitors!

a) Home page
b) Picasa
c) Gallery
d) About

Now, the top 10 posts.

  1. Photos from Wonder La Amusement Park, Banglore: This is a post that was published after my adventurous trip to Banglore. My experience in the park was wonderful, and looks like many of you shared the thrill from the pictures!
  2. Airtel and the proof of address: I don’t find some things reasonable. Based on the number of views for this post, looks like am not alone!
  3. Miyapur to Madhapur: One day’s commuting experience during those tough rainy times of the year. I posted this bit a couple of weeks before I sold off my Santro.
  4. Photos from Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore: Another album from the Banglore trip. Awesome experience it was! Check out the pictures now if you missed before!
  5. Go bananas!: This was actually a forwarded email in circulation I wanted to share. Pretty informative! I assure you will never look at banana the same way again; go bananas!
  6. SBH ‘Explore’d: An awesome experience with SBH (of course, sarcasm!) And you can’t afford to miss the screenshot 🙂
  7. YES!YAMAHA: I got my new Yamaha about two months ago. Thanks for sharing my excitement!
  8. Manisha sold you off for Rs 999!: She did! It’s a marketing email I received that I couldn’t resist sharing.
  9. A holiday for me – finally!: Ha! Am so relieved. Thanks people for sympathizing with me for my difficult times!
  10. Assurance from TATA AIG when terrorism is a treat: Just a screen capture from a marketing email. Sometimes, typos have different effects!

Bonus post!

10th post above and this one attracted the same number of visitors, so here you go!

If you have enjoyed any other post and that’s not in the list above, please let me know in the comments!

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