Welcome co-author Ravi Varma!

I’m excited to welcome one of my buddies Ravi Varma as a co-author to this blog! I met him first in my previous company. He was a colleague in the training team. Professionally, he is an excellent trainer and personally, he is one of ‘those’ guys who wants to live life ‘King Size’. Believe me he has an awesome attitude towards life! And with the theme ‘Life is a celebration’ and the punchline ‘Let’s celebrate’ for this blog, he would be a perfect writer to co-author with.

His interest arose to contribute to this blog with my Goa Trip travelogue. Well, he is kind of a ‘veteran’ party animal when it comes to Goa as a destination, and he shares my enthusiasm and excitement to pen down his experiences. And there is something good coming out for everyone – he is willing to make a checklist for everyone who is planning to party at Goa! So, we’ll soon have a recommendation in terms of places, beaches, hotels, transport, food and what not!

Oh, one more hint without his knowledge- he has an awesome love story! Probe him and inspire him to share a few pages from his personal diary as well. 😛

Without any delay let me welcome, Ravi Varma! Welcome aboard, buddy! 🙂

P.S.: If anyone else is willing to use this as a platform to share your experiences or write articles, you are most welcome!


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  1. Welcome Ravi… lets celebrate and enjoy.. have a gr8 time here in sharing your experience.. we are eagerly waiting for the experiences from your personal dairy.. 😉 🙂

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