Welcome fellas!

Back in Sep ’06, when I started blogging, the objective was something different. I didn’t start one to express my feelings or thoughts as most do. I didn’t need/ want a medium to whine or crib about anything. I wasn’t thinking of entertaining my circle by sharing funny videos and posting humor/ cartoons in here. Neither was I looking for a platform to show off my hobbyist photography skills. All I wanted to do was crack the code of ‘blog’. I wanted to understand everything and anything about it. And best way I could do it was by starting one. It gave me a very good opportunity to experiment and learn. Now, I know very much about the blog and blogosphere; am ready to move on to my own domain name (already registered) and manage my own technicalities. Though, not yet. For other reasons of course (recession :P)

More than anything, I never thought I could ever make someone feel ‘I want one too!’ (ya ya show off! :D) It feels good when buddies ping and ask ‘help me start one’ or ‘hey mine is ready, check out’ or ‘am here too!’ or ‘feedback please’. I think I’ve easily inspired a dozen bloggers so far. Some blog once in a month and some have much better activity than mine. Either way, they are here and going steady.

Anyways, welcome to my college buddies who finally felt they can run a blog and started one. These are the new bloggers that appeared online this week. Shalu, Vijay and Soumya. And check out ‘life’ as common word in all of our blog titles. 🙂 I know Soumya uses different name and she has not posted anything yet. But she was always different- what say Shalu and Vijay? 😛

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  1. Yeah true that you inspired us to start..Thanks buddy! Though your intention was never to inspire anyone through your blogs, feel proud that it did serve a purpose now 🙂

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