Why I don’t prefer eBay

I rarely buy something online. One major purchase I did was my phone (Sony Ericsson w950i) more than 2 years ago. The MRP in the market was INR 27,999.00 and there was a Diwali offer for SBI Credit Card holders that gets us the piece at INR 11,800.00. I read the reviews on various sites and finally placed the order on November 1st 2007.

I might have heard a dozen bad stories of online purchases as soon as I clicked ‘Submit’ and announced that am all excited about my new phone; someone had ordered a INR 2500.00 saree as a birthday gift to her mother and she was disappointed that what she received is hardly worth 250.00, someone else had ordered a jacket on rediff and received a wind-cheater, another buddy ordered a home theater and received two small speakers worth less than INR 100.

I didn’t think all the transactions would go bad. There might be some bad vendors who’s business is to cheat but was trusting on my deal. Site is Indiatimes shopping and payment on offer using SBI credit card. I waited for 7 days and received my phone in good condition, which I am still using now. So, I lost that nervous feeling about buying stuff online.

My next adventure was with eBay. I first wanted to test how it works- so I ordered an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for car. Price was INR 249.00 and it didn’t work as expected. I contacted the vendor through eBay process and got the piece exchanged. It still doesn’t work and is lying in my shoe rack now. I wanted to break it open and see what’s inside so didn’t throw it away, yet.

Since then, eBay religiously sends me an occasional “10% off on iPod” email regularly. I wanted to stop the notification and logged in to edit the preferences. I guess everyone at eBay has the duration ‘up to 14 days’ on the tip of the tongue. They need 14 days to save my checkbox against “no email” too? Too much.

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  1. I bought another Blackberry phone recently and it worked out okay. So, it’s probably not a trend but yes, we have to be cautions in making the purchase, looking out for fraud sellers/ products.

  2. Vivek…I am surprised coz Ebay in here is absolutely brilliant and the rules are very strict in buying and selling…I have even bought my car thru ebay and infact many more items but neva was disappointed, I guess its the problem with Ebay India……

  3. I too had several bad experiences shopping online. 2 with rediff and 1 with e bay. No wonder why online shopping is not popular in India.

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