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  1. Hey Vivee! lookin at the pics, it appears to me that the place is serene n tranquil!! And one pic in particular, with a small lake that is more like still waters with no ripples at all is amazing! 🙂 BTW, can ya give some details abot this place..whether one can go for a day out trip there.. wat it is called n how far is it from Zaheerabad and how to get there? some directions..

    1. This place is about 25 kms from Zaheerabad. Directions are tough to explain; you basically take the immediate left after crossing the town and follow the path. We had to stop a few times to ask local people for directions. They call it “ettipothala” there. It’s an open place with this small stream and tiny waterfall; so might be too much sunny for a day long trip. You can spend a few hours in the evening happily though. Let me know when you’re planning to visit and I’ll try to mark it in google maps for you for directions… 🙂

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